Private Banking

We provide highly specialised international private banking and wealth management services to our valued customers, their families and businesses including, but not limited to, the following products and services:

Multi-Currency Accounts

Understanding that all our clients are doing business internationally, we offer you convenience with your foreign currency transactions including preferential and seamless FX exchange functionality.

Global Custody and Trading Solutions

Our private bankers help clients manage, enhance and protect their wealth by providing advice and services that are customised to their investment profiles and financial objectives.

Our global custody solutions allow you to fulfil your investment requirements including, but not limited to, trading, settlements, corporate events, and advisory and discretionary management of assets. Our expert team will additionally provide performance attribution and security valuation services.

Our platform will allow you to view the entire portfolio, including current accounts and deposits, portfolio of securities as well as digital assets on the same screen. State-of-the-art dashboard and analytics help you in all your
investment decisions.

We will always help you to preserve, grow and manage your wealth by providing advice and services that are tailor-made to your investment profile, risk tolerance and financial objectives.

Our other Services

Trade Finance

International Banking