Terms and Conditions

1 Introduction
1(a) The terms and conditions in this document refer to the products and services offered by Silver Bank Limited and to the general rules of good banking practices.
1(b) Silver Bank Ltd shall for the purpose of the General Terms and Conditions governing this document, be referred to as “Bank”, “SBL”, “our”, “we” or “us”.
1(c) For the purpose of the General Terms and Conditions governing this document, the account holder or user of any of the products and services shall be referred to as
“customer”, “client”, “you”, “your”.

2 General Terms and Conditions
2 (a) The Terms and Conditions form part of the agreement between Silver Bank Ltd and the customer regarding any products and services offered by the Bank.
2 (b) Client should read all these Terms and Conditions carefully and keep them in a safe place for future reference,as they form a legal contract between Client and Bank. The Terms and Conditions form part of the client’s agreement with Silver Bank Limited.
2 (c) Customers are personally responsible for any funds, charges and fees owed to SBL.
2 (d) To the fullest extent permitted by law, joint account holders or partners of partnerships are individually or jointly liable and responsible for funds, charges, and fees owed to SBL, even if one of them has during the course of a given contract, ceased to be a partner, unless SBL has agreed otherwise in written consent.
2 (e) Unless otherwise agreed between SBL and the customer. Individuals or trustees authorized to give instructions on accounts, accounts of clubs, charities, trusts and associations are individually and jointly liable for funds, charges and fees owed to SBL.
2 (f) Transactions and agreements between SBL and its clients are subject to provisions of these General Terms and Conditions, any special terms and conditions relating to particular products or services offered by SBL and other applicable laws, rules and regulations in the Republic of Mauritius.
2 (g) SBL shall use the address, contact details provided by the customers to contact the customer, unless otherwise agreed. All statements and notices shall be sent to the address that is most up to date on our records. The customer shall promptly notify SBL of any change in its address or other contact details. SBL shall endevour to send all statements and notifications dispatched to the customer no later than 7 business days.
2 (h) The customer may contact SBL using the address and other contact information provided by SBL on its brochures, application forms, documents, business cards, website, and advertised media.
2 (i) A term deposit is by its nature for a fixed period of time and must be maintained for the whole period contractually agreed with the bank. Where you make a Fixed Term Deposit with SBL, SBL’s obligation to repay the deposit shall arise at maturity. SBL may, in its sole discretion, consent to the early withdrawal of a Fixed Term Deposit which will render it subject to a lower interest rate and a premature withdrawal Charge as prescribed by SBL from time to time.

3 Instructions
3 (a) Customers may instruct us either in writing, by email, by telephone or through our internet banking platform unless we specifically need you present for the signature of any particular documents. However, instructions by telephone shall always be followed by instructions in writing.
3 (b) If the customer chooses SBL to act by email, by telephone or through our internet banking platform, SBL shall follow security measures for authenticating those instructions. In addition, the customer will be required to sign an indemnity form.
3 (c) Customers agree to keep all security procedures and codes safe and prevent their unauthorized or fraudulent use.
3 (d) If the customer is aware of, suspects, or has any reasons to suspect that someone else knows his or her codes, or personal identification details, the customer must inform us immediately, so that we can act quickly and accordingly to protect the customer from fraud.If the customer fails to inform us accordingly, SBL will continue to carry out instructions received and act accordingly, without any liability from SBL.
3 (e) SBL may refuse to act on any given instructions if:
(1) We have good reasons to believe it is not authentic, or
(2) We do not consider it to be considerably clear, or
(3) We believe that, by carrying out the instruction, this might be a breach of any law, regulation, contractual obligation, code, or other duty/duties which applies to SBL
3 (f) SBL may also seek additional information, clarification and explanation in the form of written evidence before executing any instruction for the client.
3 (g) The customer will be responsible for all instructions received by SBL from an authorized signatory. Should the customer wish to cancel or amend any authorization at any time, instructions must be addressed to SBL in writing before these instructions have actually been executed by SBL.

4 Fees, Charges, Commissions & other Expenses
4 (a) SBL fees, charges, commission and other expenses are charged to the client’s account. The client’s account can be debited for any additional expenses incurred during the processing of anygiven client order, for example dispatch fees, third-party charges and commissions etc.
4 (b) SBL list of banking service fees and charges are specified in our Tariff guide displayed on our website or you can request a hard copy of it, free of charge upon request. If a particular agreement contains a specific set of interest and/or charges and commission different from those indicated on our website, the mentioned conditionedin the Terms and Conditions will prevail.
4 (c) The amount and time of payment charges for the different products and services offered by SBL are detailed in each of the Terms and Conditions governing the product or service. A copy is available free of charge upon the client’s request.
4 (d) The customer authorizes SBL to deduct any charges from account(s) where necessarily applicable.
4 (f) SBL reserves the right to recoup from the client, the cost of seeking independent legal advice following a change of circumstance/s specifically affecting the customer. The client agrees to refund SBL or authorizes SBL to debit its account with SBL for such legal costs accordingly.
4 (g) In case of international payments, SBL will not be liable and/or responsible for overseas correspondents’ charges, which are outside of our control.

5 Closing & Transfer of Accounts
5 (a) If required or necessary, written instructions may be given to SBL to close any account; the authority must be signed in accordance with the Mandate signed by the account holder and given to us at the time of opening the account. In the case of there being joint accounts, all account holders must sign unless agreed otherwise by SBL.
5 (b) SBL reserves the right to terminate banking relationships with any customer or withdraw a particular type of account or service. SBL shall give the customer (account holder) a reasonable period of notice in writing.
5 (c) SBL reserves the right to close any account immediately if we reasonably believe that:
(1) The account is not being operated satisfactorily; or, if the account is not funded or remains inactive for a period of 3 months as from the date of the account opening; or
(2) The customer has provided us with false and misleading information when applying for an account; or
(3) The customer has been in serious or consistent breach of this Agreement or any additional circumstances or conditions which apply to an account.

6 Provisions of/on Accounts, Services & Variations
6 (a) At its discretion, SBL reserves the right to accept a deposit or to open/close an account or provide any service without giving any reason for the decision.
6 (b) SBL may at any time change the Terms and Conditions herein as well as add to, change or withdraw featuresof its services. SBL shall give reasonable notice to any changes and use reasonable endeavors consistent with good banking ethics and practice, to ensure that if the change is material (as determined by us in its total discretion) that the notice period is sufficient ensuring that the customer has an opportunity to take any actions as appropriate.

7 Limits on Liability
7 (a) SBL shall not be liable or held responsible for any loss the customer might suffer if SBL does not act on instructions for any reasons referred in terms 4 (e), or 4 (f), or 4 (g) or we cannot provide, or are delayed in providing the customer with any banking or other services as a direct or indirect result of anything outside our reasonable control. This shall include but shall not be limited to:
(1) Industrial disputes;
(2) Failures in electrical, power or telecommunication supplies;
(3) Breakdown in computer hardware or software;
(4) Any errors or discrepancies contained in the instructions;
(5) Any failures or delays in the supply of services by any third parties;
(6) Changes in the law;
(7) Events occurring out of our control and extenuating circumstances.
7 (b) SBL shall not be liable or held responsible for any indirect or consequential losses including (but not limited to) any loss of or damage to goodwill, profits or anticipated savings if we fail to act on instructions for the reasons referred to terms 7(a) or any other reasons whatsoever.
7 (c) SBL’s liability for any direct loss or damage caused to a customer and arising out of gross negligence, fraud or willful misconduct of SBL shall be limited to the lower of:
1 The amount of such loss; and
2 The amount of any interest the customer failed to earn or any interest payable as a result of such loss. For avoidance of doubt, SBL shall not be liable for any indirect, special or consequential losses or damage. No claim shall be made against SBL, its directors, its shareholders, its employees or other representatives unless written notice of such claims shall be submitted by the customer to SBL within 1 month after the occurrence of the incident giving rise to such alleged claims. Any claims submitted shall be supported by documents and information as may be requested by SBL.
7 (d) SBL shall not be held liable or responsible for any damages that arise from the loss of a pin code, secret authenticating codes, internet banking usernames or passwords, nor for any products and services shall be referred to as “customer”, “client”, “you”, “your”. Companies?(a) SBL shall not be liable or held responsible for any loss the customer might suffer if SBL does not act on instructions for any reasons referred in terms 4 (e), or 4 (f), or 4 (g) or we cannot provide, or are delayed in providing the customer with any banking or other services as a direct or indirect result of anything outside our reasonable control. This shall include but shall not be limited to:
(1) Industrial disputes;
(2) Failures in electrical, power or telecommunication supplies;
(3) Breakdown in computer hardware or software;
(4) Any errors or discrepancies contained in the instructions;
(5) Any failures or delays in the supply of services by any third parties;
(6) Changes in the law;
(7) Events occurring outside out of our control and extenuating circumstances.
7 (e) To prevent and fight money laundering and fraud, SBL shall enforce the rules and regulations defined in applicable international treaties, the Banking Act of 2004, the Financial Intelligence and Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2002 and its regulations, and any other relevant laws and regulations that may be in force from time to time. Customers must comply at all times with SBL’s requests for information in that respect.

8 Joint Accounts
8 (a) Joint account holders and individually and jointly liable and responsible to repay any money,funds, charges and commissions owed to SBL and we may demand repayment from either,any, or all of the customers.
8 (b) Subject to signing instructions mandates and agreements between the customer and SBL, in the event of the death of any joint account, any funds in the account will be at the disposal of the survivor.
8(c) Joint account holders agree that the Bank may without notice combine or consolidate their account(s) with any liabilities to the Bank and set-off or transfer any sum(s) standing to the credit of any such accounts or any other sum(s) owing to joint account holders from the Bank in or towards satisfaction of their liabilities to the bank or any other account or in any other respect whether such liabilities be actual or contingent, primary or collateral and several or joint and that the Bank’s rights hereunder shall not be affected by our death or the death of any one or more of the joint account holders
8(d) Joint account holders agree that any liability whatsoever incurred to the bank by them in respect of the foregoing shall be joint and several

9 Bank Statements
9 (a) SBL shall provide statements of account periodically, clearly showing and outlining all entries on the customer’s account, or accounts regarding any products and services. Statement of Accounts shall be issued periodically and sent by post and/-or e-mail. Customers have access to these statements through SBL’s internet banking platform.
9 (b) It is the duty and understanding of the customer that he or she agrees to check statements carefully and contact SBL as soon as possible if the account include an item or items which appear to be incorrect or invalid or not made in accordance with instructions
9 (c) SBL shall correct any errors made to the customer’s account as soon as possible after the customer notifies SBL or SBL becomes aware of the situation
9 (d) SBL shall supply additional statements on request of the customer. A charge may be applicable for such requests

10 Governing and Applicable Law
10 (a) Any banking terms and conditions subject and implied to and by law respectively shall also apply to the relationship between SBL and the customer relating to any accounts, products and services or by these Terms and Conditions.
10 (b) Applicable law concerning interpretation and enforcement of the provisions of these general terms and conditions is the laws of the Republic of Mauritius. The parties concerned, agree that any legal actions or proceedings arising out of or in connection with these terms and conditions are submitted to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Mauritius. The submission to such jurisdictions shall not be construed to as to limit the right of SBL to take proceedings against the customer in whatsoever jurisdiction in which the customer shall have assets situated at any time nor shall the taking of these proceedings in anyone or more jurisdictions preclude the taking proceedings in any other jurisdiction(s), whether concurrently or not.

11 Breach of law
11 (a) If it appears to us that you may:
(1) Appear in a list of persons with whom dealings are proscribed by any government or any regulatory authority or any jurisdiction;
(2) Be in breach of the laws of any jurisdiction relating to money laundering, fraud, or counter terrorism;
(3) Be a proscribed person or entity under the Charter of the
United Nations Act 1945.We may immediately:
(1) Refuse to process any transaction of yours;
(2) Suspend the provision of a product or service to you;
(3) Freeze your account;
(4) Close your account.
11 (b) We will be under no liability to you if we take any or all of these actions. Our rightsunder this clause are inaddition to all other rights we may have at law.

12 Customer information & privacy
12 (a) SBL is registered as a data controller under the Data Protection Act 2017 (as amended from time to time) (the “Act”) and any disclosure of the customer’s information will be made in adherence with the Act, unless as otherwise required by law or made with the customer’s consent.
12 (b) By being a customer of SBL, customers hereby agree and authorise SBL to access their customer information and personal information for the purposes of the banking relationship between SBL and the customer, including:
(1) the collection and verification of customer information,
(2) the collection and verification of information about persons acting on the customer’s behalf,
(3) marketing promotions and communications,
(4) communicating customer information to the Mauritius Credit Information Bureau, the Bank of Mauritius and any other regulatory authority,
(5) to help protect against identity theft, prevent money-laundering and other illegal activities, inform and
(6) to provide customers with quality products and services. All customer information shall be kept confidential and secure in accordance with the Act and will be and will be disclosed only where permitted by the Act and for the purposes mentioned herein. SBL may disclose customer information in carrying out verification (such as inspection of public records, or verifying with an employer that the customer information is accurate), and in offering products and services provided by SBL, affiliated providers and external providers for whom SBL acts as agent.”
12 (c) Depending on whether you are an individual or an organization, the information we collect will vary. For instance, if you are an individual, the type of information we may collect and verify includes your full name, date of birth, and residential address. If you are commonly known by two or more different names, you must provide us with full details of your other names.
12 (d) For instance, if you are a company, we may ask you for, information on the beneficial owner(s).
12 (e) If you are a partnership, we may require information including evidence of that fact that the partnership exists, as well as the full name of the partnership, the names of the partners and any business name owned by the partnership.
12 (f) For other organisations, the kind of information we collect and verify will depend on the type of organisation you are.
12 (g) In addition, during your relationship with us, we may also ask for and collect further information about you and about your dealings with us.
12 (h) You must provide us with accurate and complete information.

Protecting customer information
12 (i) We comply with the Mauritius Privacy Act of 1993 and the Data Protection Act of 2017. We disclose customer information to other members of the Silver Bank Ltd.’s Group (including overseas members), so that the Group may have an integrated view of its customers and to facilitate the integrated treatment of its customers. It also enables other members of the
Group to provide you with information on their products and services.
12 (j) Other disclosures/Confidentiality
12 (k) Banks are permitted to disclose customer information in the following circumstances:
(1) Where disclosure is compelled by law; or
(2) Where there is a duty to the public to disclose; or
(3) Where our interests require disclosure; or
(4) Where disclosure is made with your expressed or implied consent.
12 (l) So that we can manage our relationships, customer information may be disclosed to:
•Brokers and agents who refer your business to us.
•Any person acting on your behalf, including your financial adviser, solicitor, settlement agent, accountant, executor, administrator, trustee, guardian or lawyer.
Financial institutions who request information from us if you seek credit from them
12 (m) In all circumstances where our contractors, agents and outsourced service providers become aware of the customer information, confidentiality agreements apply. Customer information may only be used by our agents, contractors and outsourced service providers for our purposes.
12 (n) We may require disclosing customer information by law, for example under Court Orders or Statutory Notices pursuant to taxation or social security laws or under laws relating to sanctions, anti-money laundering or counter terrorism financing.
12 (o) We may send customer information overseas if:
•That is necessary to complete a transaction, or:
•We outsource certain functions overseas

13 Change of personal details
13 (a) You are required to notify SBL promptly of any changes regarding your name, address, contact details or the various accounts concerned with credits and debits that may affect any of the products and services that involve you and SBL

14 Accounts (Credits & Interest Credit)
14 (a) The customer authorizes SBL to collect or negotiate (in its entire discretion and at the customer’s expense) all cheques payable overseas which may be presented to the Bank from time to time for the credit of the customer’s account; items are negotiated on a full resource basis in the event of non-payment. All cheques shall be collected/negotiated as if this authorization had accompanied each cheque and applied expressly to it. SBL will not be held liable for any direct or indirect loss, damage or delay, however caused, in the collection and negotiation of such cheques which is not directly due to the gross negligence or default of SBL’s employees or agents.
Such collection/negotiation shall be subject to the current International Chamber of Commerce Uniform Rules for Collections
14 (b) SBL will abide to the prevailing tax rules as applicable
14 (c) Subject to Anti-Money Laundering laws and regulations, SBL will accept cheques and other items payable to the customer for crediting to an account specified in the relevant payment instructions.
14 (d) SBL shall process credits relevant to specified accounts before the relevant cut-off times on any business day,
on that date, or on the date specified in the instructions provided to us by the customer.
Credits received after the cut-off times or on a non-business day will be processed on the next business day. (The cut-off time is the latest time each day that SBL can make payments or transfers from an account). The cut-off time is fixed by SBL, at its own discretion.
14 (e) All cheques and other payment instruments should be crossed before they are deposited for the credit of any given account. Un-cleared items, though credited to the account, shall not be available for being drawnagainst.
Such drawings shall thereafter be allowed subject to final payment under usual reserve.
14 (f) The depositor’s account shall be debited with the amount of the item(s) returned unpaid plus applicable bank charges. Any fee claimed by overseas correspondents in respect to unpaid item(s) shall be debited to the depositor’s account at the selling rate of exchange prevailing on the current day.
14 (g) Before SBL allows a credit to the customer’s account, SBL may ask for details regarding the source of funds, and make such other enquiries and ask for documentation as evidence for transactions as we deem necessary, prior to crediting the funds.

15 Accounts (Withdrawals)
15 (a) Any withdrawals must be duly authorized by account holders in accordance with the mandate and Terms and Conditions of SBL.
15 (b) SBL will process instructions received before the relevant cut off times on any business day, on that date, or on the date specified in the instructions provided to us by the customer. Instructions received after the cut-off times or on a non-business day will be processed on the next business day (The cut-off time is the latest time each day that SBL can process withdrawals from an account). The cut-off time is fixed by SBL, at its own discretion.
15 (c) Before allowing a withdrawal, SBL may ask for confirmation of identity, for example by producing necessary means of identification such as a National Identity Card or passport, and make such other enquiries and ask for the documentary evidence for transactions as SBL considers necessary prior to the releasing of funds.
15 (d) The interest rate payable by SBL to the customer on Fixed Term Deposit Accounts is conditional on providing a minimum period of notice or keeping the deposit for the term specified at the time of opening. For more information on Fixed Term Deposit Accounts, please refer to the Terms and Conditions applicable to the appropriate
Fixed Term Deposit Accounts provided by SBL.
15 (e) SBL reserves the right to refuse to make any payments if the customer does not have sufficient funds (oran agreed overdraft) available at the time of presentation of a Cheque. In deciding whether the customer has funds available, SBL may take into account any earlier instructions to make payments; uncleared cheques deposited, any authorization SBL has given for card transactions and any regular payments from the customer’s account. SBL may not take into consideration regular credits paid into account or any credit received after the decision to refusepayment has been taken.
15 (f) SBL will register and follow instructions from the drawer of a Cheque to stop its payment. SBL shall however disclaim liability should the instructions not be received within a reasonable period of time.
Post-dated and stale cheques shalI not be paid.

16 Accounts (Overdraft & Interest)
16 (a) The customer agrees to keep any account in credit unless there is an agreed overdraft agreement with SBL.
16 (b) In cases with SBL approves of overdrafts, we shall advise the customer the agreed limit and the interest rate and fees payable. SBL shall confirm these details in written form, including the period of time for which the/orany overdraft shall be available.
16 (c) The customer authorizes SBL to make credit reference agency searches and inquiries, whenever the customer requests any credit facilities or instruments, or if SBL wishes to consider increasing the agreed limit or offering the customer other products now or in the future. The customer understands that credit reference agencies record searches and that information they record may be used by other lenders assessing credit applications and worth from the customer.
16 (d) Interest is calculated and accrued on a daily basis on the balance which SBL treats as cleared balances.Overdraft interest and fees are charged periodically and on closure of the account. These charges will be debited from the customer’s account.
16 (e) If the customer overdraws without agreeing an overdraft agreement with SBL, on any account or exceed an agreed overdraft limit agreement, the customer is required to pay sufficient funds to cover the un-authorized amount without delay. SBL will charge overdue interest and fees on the unauthorized amount until it has been fully repaid.
16 (f) SBL may use any credit balances in and on any account the customer has with SBL, to reduce or repayor set-off any overdrawn balances or other sums the customer owes to SBL, either in the customer’s own name or operated jointly with any other person.

17 Right of Set-Off
17 (a) The Bank may use any Accounts held by the client with the Bank which are in credit to reduce or repay anyamount the client may owe to the Bank in other accounts held by client in the same name.
17 (b) The Bank may appropriate fixed deposits held by the client for a certain period along with the interest payable by the Bank.
17 (c) Where the credit balances are in a different currency than the balances owed to the Bank, than the currency conversion would be done at the Bank prevailing rate.
17 (d) If the client holds a joint account, and another account holder on this account owes the bank money in relation to another account held with the bank in his/her name, then the Bank can exercise right of set-off on the account client hold jointly with this account holder.

18 Overseas Payments
18 (a) The customer may give SBL instructions to make a payment from a specified account to a beneficiary in another country.
18 (b) SBL shall use its own and sole discretion when deciding the method by which the customer’s instructions shall be transmitted. SBL shall use as a paying bank either the paying bank nominated by the customer, or any of its own or another bank’s choice in the country whose national currency is being remitted and/or the country where the beneficiary resides.
18 (c) Any value date agreed by SBL is the date on which funds will be available to the intermediary bank. The ability of the intermediary bank to pay the beneficiary on the same will depend on the Banking practice in that country. Any timescales for payments quoted by SBL are indicative only.
18 (d) The customer shall be bound by and agree to hold SBL harmless against all obligations and responsibilities imposed by foreign and international laws.
18 (e) All outward payments, fees and charges shall be debited to the customer’s account on the date the funds are remitted rather than the date when funds are received by the designated beneficiary.

19 Authorisation (Right of disposal of Account Holders)
19 (a) Before the execution of payment orders and instructions, SBL shall check the validity of the customer aslisted below:
(1) In the case of Internet Banking facility, the authority will be verified by the customer’s User Name and Password.
(2) In the case of Cards, by the card number and the PIN Code, or depending on the Acquirer’s decision- by the signature, matching the signature on the card plus presentation of a legal document confirming the personalidentity (for example Identification Card (NIC) or passport).
19 (b) If the customer’s entitlement to operate an account has been cancelled, the relevant Card, PIN CODE,Internet User Name and Password and specimen signature of the customer cannot be used for further instructions.
19 (c) SBL shall not be liable for any direct or indirect or consequential losses, claims or damages resulting from the execution of any false or forged or tampered Order(s), if it is shown that, even after due diligent examination and process, it was impossible to discover the falseness or forged nature thereof: Authorised Persons
19 (d) The customer may grant or give the right to manage their account to any person so authorized by them. A customer is entitled to withdraw the authorization at any time (without prejudice), in writing. In the event of the customer’s death, all authorisations shall be automatically nulled and voided after due notice of death has been received by the Bank. The authorized Person and the customer shall hold joint and individual liabilities for allinstructions given to SBL.
Processing of Orders – Receipt of Orders
19 (e) All Orders given to SBL should be made through our Internet Banking platform, on
SBL’s Order Forms,other agreed methods.
19 (f) All Orders must have the name of the account holder and number of the Bank
Accounts, both in regardsto the customer (account holder), and/or Beneficiary.
19 (g) SBL is and will not be responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the data/information concerning the target account, and for verifying the correctness and accuracy of said and stated data/information. SBL shall not be liable and held responsible for any direct or indirect loss or damage that may or might arise due to incorrect target account names or number.
19 (h) The content and time of the Order or other instruction given by a customer are as
follows and mentioned below:
(1) Forwarding of Orders, involving a Corresponding Bank
a. Unless specified in the Order itself, SBL chooses the method of forwarding Orders. Forwarding shall be executed at the expense and risk of the customer. SBL is entitled to use a Correspondent Bank in the execution of Order, however if the customer nominates a Correspondent Bank, SBL shall not be liable for any subsequent losses
(2) Processing of Orders a Debit Orders are processed on the next business day following receipt of Orders. Credit Orders in the customer’s favor are processed on the next business day following the credit amount being lodged with SBL.
b. SBL shall only process debit Orders if there are sufficient funds in the customer’s account to cover theOrder and related charges, and costs. SBL does not and shall never execute partial payments. Costs and losses arising from non-execution due to insufficient funds shall be charged to the customer in full.
Communication between SBL and the Customer
19 (i) Instructions for account transactions can be done via the Internet, Instructions by letter, or email (Letter of Indemnity to be signed prior to agreement).
19 (j) Written notices from SBL shall be deemed as delivered to the customer provided that they were sent to the customer’s address on file, registered or otherwise known to SBL, not withstanding that the address belongs to a third party authorized to received documents on behalf of the customer
Modifications and Withdrawal or Orders and other Instructions.
19 (k) No Order given through the Internet Banking platform can be altered, withdrawn or modified. The only way to rectify an incorrect Order is to send a new contra Order, which must be done via the Internet Banking platform. If a customer wishes to correct an External Transfer Order processed by phone, it must be followed by and done in writing. In the event that any direct or indirect loss or damage results from incorrect, false or inaccurate data or information provided by the customer, the latter is liable to SBL and to any other banks collaborating and processing relevant instructions.

20 Severance
20 If any part of any of the General Information provIsIons or Terms and Conditions is found to be void or unenforceable for unfairness or any other reason (for example if a court of law or any tribunal or authority declares it so) the remaining parts of these Terms and Conditions will continue to apply to the extent possible as if the void or unenforceable part had never existed.

21 What if I have a complaint?
21 We aim to provide exemplary and outstanding level of customer service to every single client. Please let us know if you have any complaints so that we can try and resolve the issue. Also, by telling us where you think we have failed, we will be able to provide you with a better service in the future.

22 Miscellaneous Conditions
22 (a) In case where current account is overdrawn, the Bank shall provide the Mauritius Credit Information Bureau(MCIB) with such information as is required by the MCIB Terms and Conditions of the Central Bank.
22 (b) In the course of providing its services, the Bank may need to check client information on the MCI B as required.